Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blow the Whistle on Violence Against Women in Haiti

In the displacement camps of Haiti, women face life-threatening violence every day.

Camps are overcrowded, without secure shelter, lighting or police patrolling. Sexual violence is rampant. Women and girls are attacked and raped in their tents, on the way to the latrine and while trying to bathe behind bits of plastic sheeting.

You can take a stand. Blow the whistle on violence against women.
A woman with a whistle in her hand has a simple but powerful tool to call for the help of her community when she faces an attacker.

MADRE works with KOFAVIV, a grassroots Haitian organization created by and for rape survivors to distribute whistles in the camps, to offer urgent care to rape survivors and to demand an end to sexual violence in the camps.

Your contribution of...

$100 purchases 50 whistles

$500 purchases 250 whistles

$1000 purchases 500 whistles

Donations should be annotated to say, "ABA-Blow the Whistle Campaign" in the memo line of a check or "in honor of box" for online donations.

Even one whistle can save a woman's life. Watch this video to hear one woman's story and to learn more about this campaign:

For more information about MADRE's work to end sexual violence in Haiti, visit

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