Publications are at the heart of the life of the Committee and Section – they offer lots of opportunities for members to be informed and in the spotlight as authors of Section publications. The ABA SIL Publication Officer is Patrick Del Duca. The Committee Vice Chairs of Publication and Year-in-Review are: Nick Leddy, John Mbaku, Luke Wilson

Below is a list of writing and publication opportunities available to our committee members.

The International Lawyer (TIL) is the award-winning quarterly legal journal of the International Law Section with a worldwide circulation of more than 15,000. The journal publishes substantive articles on current issues and developments in international law and practice, as well as noteworthy papers from Section programs and the Section’s reports and recommendations to the ABA House of Delegates. The Summer issue contains a review of significant developments in international law over the past year (the Year-in-Review) and is prepared by the responsible Section committees. 

TIL is a flagship publication of Section, and a major leading American law review in the classic sense of a leading law school undertaking publication. This journal is unique in that articles are not just by academics, they have a heavy practice orientation and focus on what’s of interest to law practitioners. As a law review it has a much larger readership than many of other law reviews. Members of the Section of International Law receive The International Lawyer free as a benefit of membership.

Submission Deadline: December 1, 2015

Executive Editors:

Student Editor-in-Chief
Eunice C. Yi
SMU Dedman School of Law
Attn: The International Lawyer
P.O. Box 750116
Dallas, TX 75275

Managing Editor
Timothy S. Shane
SMU Dedman School of Law
Attn: The International Lawyer
P.O. Box 750116
Dallas, TX 75275


The Year-in-Review (“The YIR”) is an annual publication of the Section of International Law that used to be the fourth volume of The International Lawyer. The objective of The YIR is to publish high quality articles on international subjects that are relevant to each Committee of the ABA/SIL, that inform its readers of significant legal developments that happened during the previous calendar year. It consists of articles written by Section committees, each summarizing the major legal developments of the preceding calendar year within the committee’s remit. It presents an excellent opportunity for committee members to achieve publication in an indexed American law review. 

The YIR has become a leading and trusted source for judges, lawyers, academics, and other legal professionals who need a reliable source of information that will keep them abreast of the most important international legal developments. It is published in digital format and in print and is available on commercial databases such as Westlaw, LexisNexis, and HeinOnline. In addition, members of the Section of International Law of the ABA may access it through the ABA International website.

Review The YIR Guidelines for Contributing Authors for additional information.

Key Dates:

  • October 1, 2015 - Select Committee Editor 
  • October 15, 2015 - Identify Authors
  • December 1, 2015 - Committee Submission Deadline (Firm)

Committee Editor: Nick Leddy 

YIR Co-General Editors:

IMPORTANT: All Committee authored YIR articles must be submitted to our Committee Editor. Articles sent directly to YIR in Editors will be rejected.

The purpose of the International Law News (ILN) is to keep Section members informed about current international law developments and important Section news. ILN publishes articles that provide overviews of international law topics, as well as concrete, how-to advice for practicing in the field. ILN is available online to members of the ABA Section of International Law and to print subscribers. ILN editors are interested in articles addressing each issue’s theme, but articles on other topics are also appreciated.

Ideas for future themes and articles are welcome.

Articles are typically 2,000–3,000 words in length; short “Briefly Noted” articles of about 400–650 words may also be submitted. ILN editors are seeking interviews with notable contributors to the field of international law for the "Interviews” column. If you would like to interview someone, please submit your idea for Editorial Board approval. ILN does not publish footnotes or endnotes; please embed important citation within your text. Please attach your article submission as a Word document and provide each author’s name and email address. You may also refer to the ILN Author Guidelines

Submission Deadline(s): October 1 & December 1, 2015

The Section has portfolio of 30+ books that it's actively selling. These books are available through the ABA web store and can also be purchased at the seasonal meetings. The Section publishes monographs, which are books that are written by a single author from beginning to end. It also publishes chapter books, which are overseen by an editor or a couple of general editors and include between 8 and 12 chapters, each of which has a different author or authors. The Section has a books Board and a Senior ABA Editor, and we encourage both individuals and Committees that want to further their engagement with members and the subject matter of Committee’s work to pursue book publication.


Policy and Rule of Law writing opportunities include:

(a) Report and Recommendations (R&R) - Establishes policy for ABA as a whole; Reports provide legal background and reasoning to adopt recommendation (15-page limit); Recommendations to adopt a concise resolution (e.g., “RESOLVED, that the ABA supports the enactment of legislation to ....”); Often a cooperative effort with other Sections, with R&R approved by the ABA House of Delegates

(b) Blanket Authority Statements - Establishes time-limited policy for the Section; Involves Comments or testimony to U.S./foreign judicial, legislative or regulatory body on topic involving SIL expertise; Comment or testimony circulated to other Sections with 10 business days to comment or object to request for blanket authority

(c) Technical Comments - Narrowly focused like a Blanket Authority request, but involve:

• Comments within a Section’s primary or special expertise/jurisdiction
• ABA Board of Governors authorization granted to the Section to submit 

Technical Comments on the topic at issue; Submitted to an approved U.S. executive branch department or other independent agency in response to a time-limited solicitation for comments; ABA reviewing entities given two business days to object when the comment period is 30 days or less; otherwise, they are given five business days.

For more information about Policy and Rule of Law Writing Opportunities, review the 2015 Policy Boot Camp Presentation.

Submission Deadline(s): Varies 

Policy and Rule of Law Vice Chairs: 

  • David Taylor
  • Tanya Sukhija

The ABA SIL International Human Rights Committee invites submissions for the inaugural issue of its new quarterly journal. The Clarion aims to foster critical analysis, dialogue, debate, education, awareness, and activism. It encourages diverse, interdisciplinary approaches to human rights issues at home and within the international community.


  • March 31: Abstract & Bio 
  • April 15: Paper & Publication Agreement (by 11:59 pm EDT)
Journal Editors, Y2015-16

Submissions Criteria
Who Can Submit? The Clarion seeks articles and submissions of high quality that can serve to educate, inform and challenge our readership. Submissions should meet high professional standards, commensurate with the importance of human rights and the need to ensure these rights for all. Papers can be submitted from anyone on the planet - the more, the merrier!

Subject Matter: Human Rights - Domestic or International. If you are not sure that your research meets the needs of The Clarion, please check the journal’s List of Suggestions for paper topics.

Language: All submissions must be made in English (US or UK). Contributing Authors may also submit a second copy of the paper in their native language with a request that both papers be published. A decision on such a requests will be made by the Journal Editors on a case-by-case basis.

Length of Paper: 500-1500 words. The length of individual submissions may vary but should not exceed 1500 words (approximately 3 pages), including any footnotes.

Abstract: A brief abstract of your paper topic is due on March 31, 2016. The abstract should include your name, contact information, topic or title of submission, and a paragraph (4-6 sentences) that outlines the purpose and/or areas that will be covered by your submission.

Contributing Author Guidelines: The Contributing Author Guidelines provide an overview of the ABA SIL publication policies. The type of submission (e.g., legal article, commentary, book review, photojournal essay, etc.) will determine the standard of review employed by the Journal Editors.
 There may be deviations from or exceptions to these rules based on the type of submission. Nevertheless, all contributing authors should carefully read the guidelines to ensure that applicable journal policies are respected. Contact the Journal Editors if you have questions regarding the guidelines. 

Publication Agreement: All contributing authors must complete and submit the IHRC Journal Publication Agreement. The Publication Agreement must be submitted with the paper by April 15, 2016.

Bios: All contributing authors must submit a 50-word bio with their paper. See the Contributing Authors Guidelines for instructions on how to cite biographical information as a footnote in your paper. The deadline to submit your bio is March 31, 2016.

Submission Instructions: (1) Carefully proofread your paper, including all footnotes and citations. We further recommend that you allow at least one disinterested or otherwise objective person to proofread your paper. (2) Submit your paper via email to the Journal Editors at Be sure to include your bio and the journal publication agreement.

The International Human Rights e-Brief is a popular, long-running bi-weekly newsletter produced, published, and disseminated to the international community by Russell Kerr. The newsletter is co-sponsored by the ABA SIL International Human Rights Committee and ABA Center for Human Rights. The e-Brief divides information into four primary sections, making it easy for readers to jump to what matters most: (1) Bulletin Board (Announcements), (2) Human Rights News, (3) Jobs, Fellowships & Volunteer Postings, and (4) Educational Courses & Conferences. We encourage subscribers to pass the information along to colleagues and other interested parties and to contribute press releases, news items, event listings, job vacancies and other appropriate information.

Editor-in-Chief: Russell Kerr

Submission and subscription info:
To post a message or submit info for publication, email For questions, suggestions or problems, contact Russell Kerr, To subscribe to the ABA-SIL/CHR Human Rights E-Brief, click here. Non-ABA members wishing to subscribe should email Russell Kerr, Editor, at

The ABA International Human Rights Committee hosts a blog on Google Blogger. We publish excerpts of copyrighted noteworthy news stories, reprints on non-copyrighted material, and original blog posts authored by section or committee members. Topics may vary wildly but all related to human rights issues. Section or Committee members interested in submitting a blog post should review the Committee's Social Media Guidelines, which covers blog posts. The IHRC Blogspot is managed and maintained by the Communication and Website Vice Chairs or Managers.

Submission Deadline: None - Articles may be submitted at any time

Submission Email: (Subj: Blog post)

Blog Editor: Stephanie Williams

Communication & Website Managers:
Stephanie Williams, Co-Chair
Gigi Nikpour, Senior Advisor


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