Thursday, July 14, 2011

Free Teleconference: The Arab Spring and U.S. Government Policy

Please join us Thursday, July 28, 2011, from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. EDT for a FREE teleconference on the Arab Spring and U.S. Government policy, proudly presented by the International Human Rights Committee of the ABA Section of International Law in cooperation with Human Rights Watch.

The Arab Spring is an explosion of human rights expression that has challenged the U.S. Government’s former strategy and alliances with former partners and enemies in the Middle East. This free teleconference will dissect the U.S. Government’s shifts in policy and recommendations on how the U.S. Government might deal with this unprecedented moment of regime change and interest in human rights.

Speakers include Joe Stork, Deputy Director, Human Rights Watch, Middle East and North Africa Division; Heba Fatma Morayef, Researcher, Human Rights Watch, Middle East and North Africa Division; and Gary Sick, Adjunct Professor, Columbia University of International and Public Affairs, Former White House National Security Adviser for Presidents Ford, Carter, and Reagan, Former White House aide on Iran during the Iranian Revolution (moderator).
The speakers are on the cutting edge of monitoring human rights in the Middle East and making policy recommendations to the U.S. Government and other sovereign nations. They will discuss how USG policy has shaped the Arab Spring, positive and negative; ways the USG has used its leverage to influence human rights, positive and negative; multi-country review of Human Rights Watch’s coverage; and Human Rights Watch’s recommendations to the USG.

Dial-in Details:
U.S. and Canada Dial-in #: 877-464-2827
International Dial-in: 706-643-9966
Passcode #: 80960731

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  1. We have one additional speaker for this program: Jacob Foster, who drafted portions of the Arrest Warrant Application for Muammar Gadaffi while on secondment to the Office of the Prosecutor of International Criminal Court.