Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Free Teleconference: Combating Violence Against Women - What's Working?

Presented and co-sponsored by the ABA Section of International Law, International Human Rights Committee (IHRC)International Models Project on Women's Rights (IMPOWR); Asia /Pacific Committee; India Committee; NGO & Not-For-Profit Organizations Committee

Thursday, May 29
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM EDT

This is a FREE Non-CLE Teleconference 

Recent horrific and highly publicized attacks against women, international advocacy to combat sex trafficking, and efforts to pass I-VAWA and other legislation have heightened awareness about the global epidemic of violence against women. Less well-know are the various innovative and practical strategies and approaches around the globe that have significantly increased prosecutions and convictions of offenders, empowered women to vindicate their right to be free from violence, and otherwise improved the safety and security of women.

This teleconference will highlight best practices throughout the world to combat violence against women, including: mobile courts to enhance access to justice for victims in rural areas; coordinated response centers for victims of sexual violence; and, specialized units training of judges, police officers, prosecutors and local leaders/elders to educate them about gender violence and to ensure effective and timely investigations, prosecutions and convictions. Speakers will include representatives from advocacy groups operating in various regions of the world and judges/law enforcement personnel involved in developing/implementing these approaches.

Elizabeth Brundige, Executive Director, Avon Global Center for Women and Justice at Cornell Law School

Gabriela Pastorino, Esq., Policy Advisor, Office of Women, Supreme Court of Argentina

Maimbo Ziela, Esq., Deputy Chief State Advocate - Gender Based Crimes, National Prosecutions Authority, Zambia

Smirti Minocha, Senior Program Officer, Human Rights Law Network, New Delhi, India

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UPDATE (Jun 2): An audio recording of the above teleconference now available.

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